Sccm update collection membership not updating

In this post, I’m going to give a walk through of Collection Evaluation Viewer tool (CEViewer.exe) which is part for SCCM 2012 R2 tool kit.In Config Mgr 2012 with CAS (hierarchy), Collection Evaluation issues are more complex to troubleshoot.Usually for Collections with Direct membership rule, you really no need to configure any Schedule at all as they are one time created and do not require any update. so ,you can simply run this SQL Code ,if the count of Direct membership rule is bigger and if any Schedule configured to get the RID of it. You could manually change each and every collection...that will take days, so I slapped together a powershell script to do it for you.

So now you have 1600 collections set at incremental updates, what do you do?How to find out the next collection Evaluation Time?How to find out number of members changes during the collection evaluation for a specific collection ? We have updated the membership and used F5 to populate. A new collection was created and it is the same issue. A member of the Swedish System Center User Group, also known as SCUG, asked for some help with updating all the collections that had membership queries matching a specific pattern/text.

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