Sarah silverman dating alec sulkin

In July 2008, Vanity Fair reported that the couple had split, ending their relationship of five years.Silverman began dating television writer Alec Sulkin in early 2010; they met via Twitter after she sent him a personal message and they split up months later in October 2010, but remain friends.He recalls how the show became a reality: "One time I was smoking a cigarette with [Family Guy creator] Seth Mac Farlane outside a karaoke bar and we were joking about Star Wars and he said it'd be great to have a Family Guy episode revolve around Star Wars and he thought I should write it.Blue Harvest became a dream come true." Writing for Family Guy was also a dream realized for Sulkin, 37, who interned at Saturday Night Live in 1995 before he moved on to write for The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (1999-2004).Recently, Family Guy aired a new episode featuring a segment about Terri Schiavo, an American woman in a vegetative state who was taken off life support at the request of a Florida court.The Family Guy characters were attending a musical based on Schiavo, and Stewie was dressed as the plug that was inevitably pulled.But there are a few quirky rules Fox mandates for the Family Guy writers.

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Silverman was in a relationship that began in 2002 with comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

He sheds some light on Kilborn: "He's just like his on-air persona, smart and smug, but very funny." In one way, Sulkin notes, working for Kilborn prepared him to write "individually wrapped jokes" for Family Guy.

Recently, Sulkin has gotten busier writing for both Family Guy and the spinoff The Cleveland Show, while also voicing a few characters for the latter. "Cleveland has a heart that few characters have on Family Guy.

, and most significantly, an ex romantic partner of Sarah.

Eddie keeps wanting to hear scuttlebut about Sarah (but Eddie seems to love talking about himself, so he keeps digressing).

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