Saltire dating

The next morning, as the opposing forces prepared to fight, a strange cloud-formation in the shape of a huge diagonal cross appeared in the blue sky.Flushed with hope, the Picts and Scots attacked their enemies ferociously, despite being heavily outnumbered.It may have been created in the thirteenth century, around the time when Saint Andrew’s Cross started being used as a national emblem.

The battle in which the Saltire appeared in the sky supposedly took place in the year 832, near the present-day village of Athelstaneford in East Lothian.A report with the conclusions of the group's discussions is expected later in 2016.This will then go to the Saltire Prize Challenge Committee for consideration and approval.On the night before the battle, the Pictish king ‘Hungus’ vowed to make Andrew the patron saint of Scotland if the English were defeated.In response, the Apostle himself appeared in a vision, promising Hungus and his Dál Riatan allies a great victory.

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