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Workers commonly identify their interests with those of workers elsewhere, to the point of being willing to strike in support of them.As members of trade unions which may have both political and broad industrial objectives, workers may use the leverage that withholding their labour gives them to exert pressures on governments or on employers collectively. In order to avoid costly industrial or workplace conflict governments established institutions mandated to resolve conflict preferably expeditiously so as to mitigate the cost of protracted labour disputes.No courts, no judges, no longwinded wrangling over technicalities; just a chat by the fireside, overseen by a fine, shrewd fellow with a knack for negotiation.This was the method favoured by Confucius, and others before him through 4,000 years of Chinese folklore.We are sure that there are a lot of talanted writers among you.

Flexibility and prudence gave way to formality and structure.In South Africa the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration (the CCMA) was established by means of an enabling statute, to wit the Labour Relations Act, Act 66 of 1995 (as amended) (the LRA)., prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, national origin, sex, and religion, and also prohibits employers from retaliating against any employee who exercises his or her rights under Title VII.Today, the EEOC enforces federal anti-discrimination statutes, and provides oversight and coordination of all federal equal opportunity regulations, policies, and practices.Such conflict may be clear-cut, as when a group of workers are convinced that they are underpaid, or it may be diffuse and not readily apparent, say, some dissatisfaction amongst workers with the style of management in an enterprise.If it is latent and not overt an untoward incident, unimportant in itself, may be enough to set off a major dispute.

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