Rules of dating a modern hindu

Either you're too old and you should have been married yesterday or you're too young and you can’t even look at the opposite sex until you're ready to get married.

Marriage is literally the most important thing that will ever happen in life if you are Indian. Dating is one of those grey areas that I feel is probably the biggest conflict among immigrant parents and Western born children.

If you want to hang out with someone you have a crush on, the best tactic to bypass your parents' strict rules are to ask to study with them.

Both my parents met each other on their wedding day (but that’s a story for a different article).Hindu religious life might take the form of devotion to God or gods, the duties of family life, or concentrated meditation.Given all this diversity, it is important to take care when generalizing about "Hinduism" or "Hindu beliefs." The first sacred writings of Hinduism, which date to about 1500-1200 BCE, were primarily concerned with the ritual sacrifices associated with numerous gods who represented forces of nature.In the 20th century, Hinduism began to gain popularity in the West.Its different worldview and its tolerance for diversity in belief made it an attractive alternative to traditional Western religion.

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