Referenced dlls not updating

Filter editors must also initialize a filter's Begin Points property, which defines the filter beginpoint that contains parameter values for scorecard and report consumers.

For more information about editor requirements and functionality, see Editors for Custom Performance Point Services Objects.

Ordinal Ignore Case) Then filter = New Filter With End If By default, users can create custom objects from Performance Point Dashboard Designer only. Item Url) Then Dim repository Datasource Location As Repository Location = Repository Location. To reference a native data source of a particular type, use the [Source Name](

' Edit this value if you are not using the default path. Dim data Source Collection As ICollection = filter Repository Helper. Get Data Sources By Source Names ("("/BICenter/Data Connections for Performance Point/", ) The sample filter editor retrieves only two types of data source, but you can modify this method to support other data source types or to prompt the user for the type of data source to retrieve.

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// The URL of the site collection that contains the Performance Point Services repository. You will need to set ' Option Infer On' in the VB file or set ' Option Infer' at the project level: Imports System Imports System. Sample Filter ' INSTANT VB NOTE: This code snippet uses implicit typing. Learn how to create the editor component of a custom filter extension for Performance Point Services. Ordinal Ignore Case) Then ' Use the repository-helper object to retrieve the filter. Get(repository Filter Location) If filter Is Nothing Then display Error("Could not retrieve the filter for editing.") Return End If Else If Click Once Launch Values. To enable users to create a custom object outside of Dashboard Designer, you must add a menu item that sends a _Create Item_ request to your editor from the content type in the repository. In Performance Point Services, custom filter editors enable users to set properties on custom filters. For more information, see [Editors for Custom Performance Point Services Objects](

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