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After spending months cooped up at a remote lumber camp, he’s traveled atop logs floating down the Penobscot River to this booming frontier city.The trip has been thrilling, but this greenhorn is ready for a different kind of fun.Dressed in a conservative gown and large-brimmed hat, she set her suitcase on the ground. At that point, desperation set in and she would have done anything to avoid imprisonment.As the train rumbled away, she walked alongside the track, heading south.This was followed by the establishment of the European and North American Railroad in 1871, celebrated in-person by President Ulysses S. If the upper crust had an itch for poetry, theater and political ovations, they didn’t have far to travel for more discreet entertainment.Jones’s staff fit the high expectations of the many businessmen and aristocrats who discreetly passed through her brothel doors.If she could make it to Portland she could jump on a wagon headed west. Bright light beamed through the darkness, illuminating Jones.

Their trade spilled from house-to-tent during the duration of the festivities, earning a pretty penny. She was fined numerous times for selling liquor and running a disorderly house, and even served several months at the Bangor House of Corrections in 1861.

Brothels popped up all over the city, and among them was Fan Jones’s legendary Sky-Blue House of Pleasure.

Not much is known about how Fan Jones, “the proverbial madam with a heart of gold,” became a prostitute.

Reveling in work that permitted him to display his splendid strength and skill, the riverman also liked to throw himself into wild and boisterous play.” But it wasn’t just the working class that the Sky-Blue served.

Across town, Bangor was polished and highbrow, with pre-eminence in the manufacturing and shipping industries.

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    The nearest she came to finding the unconditional love she craved was with her youngest daughter Olga, born from her marriage to an American architect.

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