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There is nothing wrong with you, I’m sure, it’s just you haven’t met the right person. You have the rest of your life ahead of you, so why not take the time you have now for you. While this is a difficult dilemma to wrap your head around and wonder about, it’s all about timing. If you stop looking for someone to date and ultimately end up with, you’re going to find yourself more content and happy when that special someone does pop into your lap. I can understand how the rejection from dating can weigh both men and women down and have us doubt ourselves and worth, but it’s not about you.It tends to be when you stop looking that things start to happen. It’s about them and if they can’t see how great and nice you are, then that’s their loss.Similarly to Stephen, I’ve experienced that “friend zone” situation.It’s not easy to deal with but one day, when I stopped looking, Mr. Details aside, it was a great relationship; we were perfect for each other, but unfortunately things didn’t work out for me and him because it was his problem and not mine. Maybe you’re ready for a steady relationship but the men you’re seeking out are not ready for the type you want, and can’t live up to that expectation.The more patient you can be with yourself, the more patient you will be in your quest for finding the right person at the right time.

Those who are able to love themselves are the ones who tend to know what they feel, think or want most without others bringing forth any decision or choice for them.

Nothing good comes out of depressing yourself over something that most times require time and patience.

The dating circuit isn’t a race with hopes of finding the best suitor as soon as you meet someone you’re interested in.

You’ve probably seen it with your group of friends or even experienced it, but it’s definitely not a place anyone with an open heart wants to be even if it’s a very common situation. Well, it would require taking risks because most times, getting sucked into such a vortex is a result of playing too safe or being too passive.

With that in mind, never compromise yourself if it feels wrong.

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