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Australia’s leading blogger, Darren Rowse (aka Pro Blogger), took a test to measure the quality of his writing.But it wasn’t a blog writing test, it was a copywriting test. Darren’s score was determined using a world-first scorecard, developed by him and yours, the company that made online dating a worldwide phenomenon, is once again changing the way people meet and find love with the launch of the new Match Mobile.

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It’s designed to help you make incremental improvements, and to get you thinking about the individual qualities that work for you and your subscribers.It’s years of expert wisdom distilled for beginners.Blogging is an art form, but this brings some order and science where none existed before.” “Wow – so many light bulb moments I just kept reading and reading…I’m happy to say that The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers gives me a nice package of information that provides some focus to my blogging.I’ll be keeping the scorecard handy for my future posts to make sure I’m on the right track.” “What I like most about this book is the practical business approach it takes to blogging.

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