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In addition to the Py PI downloads, the development version of directories) FIRST.If you are upgrading or otherwise plan to re-install Setuptools or Distribute, nothing further needs to be done.Examples range from simple clocks, stock tickers, news casters, games and weather forecasters, to complex applications that pull data from multiple sources to be "mashed-up" and presented to a user in some interesting and useful way.The specification relies on PKWare's Zip specification as the archive format, XML as a configuration document format, and a series of steps that runtimes follow when processing and verifying various aspects of a package.The packaging format acts as a container for files used by a widget.The configuration document is an XML vocabulary that declares metadata and configuration parameters for a widget.The recommended way to install setuptools on Windows is to download ez_and run it.

Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find the links.The Stoner Python package is a set of utility classes for writing data analysis code.It was written within the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Leeds as a shared resource for quickly writing simple programs to do things like fitting functions to data, extract curve parameters, churn through large numbers of small text data files and work with certain types of scientific image files TBEE is a package providing a Python implementation, with heavy use of numpy vectorization, of Tight-Binding models.This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.The public is encouraged to send comments to the Web Apps Working Group's public mailing list [email protected](archive).

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