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Still, 30 million of the Anglican Communion's 77 million members live in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya.

You can still hear snippets of the old right-wing scripts in today's attacks on the mainline churches. Heidinger II, the president of Good News, the United Methodist Church's renewal movement which opposes gay ordination and supports conservative theology, tarred official Methodist churches as lacking "a theology of mission but has bought into liberation theology.That quote has reverberated ever since.[5] Warren's bestselling book, A Purpose Driven Life is studied across sub-Saharan Africa and his Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California has close ties with leaders across Africa, including, until recently, Martin Ssempa of Uganda's Makerere Community Church.Ssempa is one of the key architects of the antigay bill and persecution of LGBT people in Uganda.Traditionally, evangelical African churches have been biblically and doctrinally orthodox but socially progressive on such issues as national liberation and poverty, making them natural partners of the politically liberal western churches. In Africa, "family" expresses the idea that to be human is to be embedded in community, a concept called ubuntu.African traditional values also value procreation, making those hindering this virtue an enemy of life (see box 2).

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