Older celebrity men dating younger women

They spoke on the phone every day about work and school, and he would spend nights in her apartment during the week. “He couldn’t always have sex because he was too old ...but usually he was fine.” Although Mirsaidi’s romantic partner paid her rent, tuition and to set up her budding business, she says it wasn’t enough. “The only jewelry he ever bought me was some jewelry he got off the street.” After a December break-up, Mirsaidi’s old flame told her he’s cutting her off at the end of February because he thinks that she’s too young for him. This sounds like an excuse,” says Mirsaidi, who says she was “kind of” in love with him. “He knew from the beginning that we had this age difference.“I get asked out by young guys all the time, and they’re cute, but those people never have any money,” Mirsaidi says.“I don’t want to go out with a guy if I have to pay for his dinner, too.” Phillips is looking for a man with his act together.Full-length mink coats, a new Mercedes with a monthly parking spot and ,000 to furnish a new rent-free Fi Di duplex (,500 a month if you’re paying) are just the beginning.They fly by private jet to Europe and spend their days in the salon getting their hair and nails done.

He calls me his girlfriend.” Phillips is one of an increasing number of college coeds looking for May-December romances through matchmaking sites like Seeking Arrangements.com, which hook up poor, pretty young things with rich, older men to cover their tuition and other expenses in exchange for companionship.

“She did absolutely everything for me growing up, and I don’t want to ask her for help,” she says.

“And to be honest, I like being independent.” Not all sugar daddies are perfect gentlemen.

It’s just like dating.” Minoo Mirsaidi spent the last eight months living a life of luxury in a Times Square condominium boasting a doorman and an indoor pool thanks to her 75-year-old sugar daddy.

RELATED: MOLLOY QUESTIONS MINOO MIRSAIDI'S MORALS Her septuagenarian suitor paid her a ,000 monthly allowance — in cash — to cover her rent and tuition at NYU, and threw in thousands more to help launch her Miss New Yorker fashion line.

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