Non catholic dating a catholic

This is naturally a scenario that the spouses want to avoid at all costs, no matter what faith they profess!

But the following paragraph may at first glance give Tim’s daughter a glimmer of hope: canon 1118.2 notes that the bishop allow a Catholic marriage to be celebrated in another suitable place. bishops, including the Bishop of Orlando, Florida, a suitable place to celebrate the Catholic sacrament of matrimony.) It sounds like all Tim’s daughter needs to do is to get approval from the diocesan chancery to have the priest officiate at her wedding in the family garden instead of the parish church, right?Strictly speaking, therefore, it is not impossible under canon law for two Catholics to get married in a Catholic ceremony in a rose garden; there is nothing intrinsically unsuitable about the location. Well, that may be implied by the canon, but in actual practice, that approval is not so easy.For the law leaves the decision up to the diocesan bishop.Their guards can presumably secure a private residence, or perhaps one wing of a hotel, more reasonably and safely than they could a Catholic parish, which by its nature is generally open to all who wish to enter it.In these highly unusual cases, approval has been given for a Catholic priest to conduct a Catholic wedding ceremony in a building other than a Catholic church.

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