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Speaker of Truth indefinite hiatus.10-1-17 I'm still writing sporadically. In the interests of not leaving my readers hanging as I freely admit I have in the past, unless it is on my old stories I will only be posting completed fictions in the future. A seemingly typical NCIS case ends up revealing a mystery related to one of their own. The NCIS family faces questions, changes and the possibility of happy endings.

Spencer & Tony meet post Plague/ Anthrax facing the challenges of dealing with the damage to their lungs together, they forge a firm friendship.

After almost 2 decades though Tony feels like his secret is fairly safe, which only goes to show that he shouldn't let his guard down..ever.

Will he be able to help his friend as her world falls apart, then lead her to the right road to recovery. Following his reluctant betrayal and subsequent loss of Jeanne Benoit, Agent Tony Di Nozzo rebounds into a relationship that just might be the end of him – unless Agent Gibbs can stop it. But Tony being Tony trouble soon finds it's way into his life. After almost 2 decades though Tony feels like his secret is fairly safe, which only goes to show that he shouldn't let his guard down..ever.11 yr old Harry misses the Hogwarts Express. What he finds changes any preconceived notions he might have had about the Boy-Who-Lived. This is an AU Aliyah story and NB that this is not a TIVA story.

This story has more Penelope and the BAU than Tony and NCIS. Warning, contains a major character death - for more info on the identity please see author's note in chapter 1 Now Complete Tony had been undercover for six years when he met JJ at Roger's Cafe.

Yet Agian will begin posting on schedule on June 13th, 2011.6/26/11 Okay updates on where I'm at: Harry's Hero sequel to Sirius' Savior began posting updates probably monthly.

Harry Prongs Tatum Sorry everyone my muse is being a B*H and progress on that one is slow. Trust is a relative thing Updates are probably going to be every two weeks or so.

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