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Delicious meat sliced from a, still alive, slowly roasting girl.The most famous 'DWCL' cruise ships are the nuclear powered, 'Karyn Aites' and 'Merideth'. A 'DWCL', two months, round the world tour is indeed expensive but, if you can afford it, worth every single penny!They concluded that pain to pleasure conversion had, once in a distant past, been an evolutionary advantage, leading to a yearning for, ever painful, child-birth and so the relevant genes have been preserved in the human genome.Artificial insemination and parthenogenesis -pregnancy without male intervention, resulting in the birth of a baby girl with her mother's genes- have become widely used to save mankind from extinction.Many farm animals were also affected by the epidemic which, initially, led to worldwide famine.After several turbulent years, most governments, backed by citizens in democratic countries, came to pass laws to stop the enormous waste of women's lives and bodies.After a full, hectic life they usually die in their prime.

Girls are obtained by lotteries -with survivor prizes-, volunteers or -where allowed- direct purchase.

Laws that institutionalized cannibalism, and channelled young women's recklessness and love of risk, legalizing periodical, cannibal state lotteries in which women -in theory also men- enjoy fame, the thrill of courting death and, finally, a delicious meal and a huge monetary recompense if they survive, or a painful/orgasmic death if they don't.

Mankind has adapted rapidly to the new circumstances and nowadays state lotteries are extremely popular in many countries. On-line betting, on who will end cooked, produces enough money to pay the survivors' recompenses and still leave a huge profit.

Pregnancies, somehow, mellow women making them less wild.

Scientists worldwide have devoted much time and resources to look for a solution but have found none.

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