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Eventually, a community of settled Vikings, who converted to Islam in southeast Seville, would be famous for supplying cheese to Cordoba and Seville.” In Andrew Marr’s BBC Documentary, “History of the World: Into the Light”, Marr commented on how Vikings in Russia also came very close to converting to Islam with their king being unable to initially decide which of the world's religions would suit them best. At the moment the ring is in The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm -

In a research paper published on 23rd February, 2015, archaeologists noticed that an excavation of a woman who seems to have been buried in the 9th century bore a silver ring with an accompaniment of a purple stone. Viking women were known to have sported various pieces of jewellery, Ibn Fadlan is said to have noted the [She has] one for each 10,000 dirhams which her husband is worth; some women have many.

Thousands of honor killings are perpetrated each year, often in countries where Islam is the dominant religion.

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New analyses show that his and other Arabs’ texts are excellent sources of cultural knowledge about the Vikings who ventured eastward If trade, political envoys, war and immigration amongst other factors were brought to light, we may yet learn of additional contacts made between the Vikings and the Muslim Civilisation, such as the ring with an Arabic inscription on a Viking Woman.

In order to prove this in court, the prosecution cites a conversation between Kara’s parents, recorded by police on the night before the murder, in which the father says the following: Furthermore, Sami Kara has admitted to police that he is the man shown on security camera footage leaving the crime scene after the murder took place.

Additionally, the prosecution cites text messages that Henriette Kara sent to a friend before the murder, including one that reads, “You won’t believe what they did to me…

Though the attire of the woman in the grave seems to be traditionally Scandinavian, her decomposed body made it hard for the researchers and archaeologists to determine her faith and ethnicity. Examples such as the aforementioned demonstrate the mutually beneficent relations Muslim and non-Muslim civilisations have enjoined in for centuries.

Furthermore, these discoveries indicate the vast multicultural wealth which lies in overlooked places as it does in overlooked languages.

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