Muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log

This will start by installing the Novacom drivers for your computer to communicate with your Touchpad.

Once this is complete you should see your Touchpad listed as the connected device.

The tablet is very capable of playing mp4 video files, just like any other Android tablet or i Pad.

However, if you are like me, many of your movies are in other formats, like Div X.

This is pretty simple to do, just tap the “Just type…” bar and enter either webos20090606 or updownupdownleftrightleftrightbastart (I chose this one because it put the biggest grin on my face) and you should see a developer mode icon, hit it!

AUSMT allows patches to be installed/removed even after faulty installs, partial or full erases, webos doctors and even OTA updates to new Web OS versions!I set the governor to ondemand, the minimum frequency to 192 MHz, and the maximum frequency to 1.728 GHz. A few other tweaks I recommend installing from preware are Unthrottle Download Manager, Ad Blocker, Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness 10, and Private Browsing.One more thing I want to talk about is watching video on the Touchpad.Once installed, you should be able to run it from the Launcher and play a variety of different video formats. The Touchpad used to have a small knowing as the Hulu tablet as it could play Hulu out of the box from the web browser.On other tablets you would have to resort to paying for Hulu Plus.

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