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These two babes get caught up in the moment and wrap their legs around each other for an exhilarating tribbing session.

You get to see a nice closeup of both of their pussies and see the lips stick to each other as they hit each other.

It was easier than I expected, I joined the chat and asked them if they knew what scissoring was and they were all for it!

They wrapped their legs around each other and both times looked like they were really enjoying themselves, legs wrapped around each other and hands all over each other.

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It’s been a while since the last update and I’m sorry for that!

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Anyways, enjoy the new clips and if you want to check out the site they came from (and the full video from the clips) just click here to go to Private. Even though there are lots of videos out there with tribbing in them, it’s hard to find one site that has it all.

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And of course I’ve been looking out for more tribbing videos!

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