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Also, an album Hope for Haiti Now, including the live performance and the studio version, was released to i Tunes on the same date.The New York Times felt that the artists behind "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)" deserved credit for creating an original song for the occasion but that the results were of mixed quality: "The sound was muddy, and the concept undercooked, but it was an implicit acknowledgment that a situation this dire demanded something more than squeezing meaning out of a pre-existing song that lacks it." Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times said the song's performance was the most newsworthy of the event, and described its musical flavoring as partly derived from the 1995 U2 side project Passengers and partly derived from modern rap."Europe shouldn't attend music festivals," said no one ever.

The highlights: a deliciously retro Slow Dance at “Café des Amours”, a romantic, gastronomic dinner for two with Etoiles d’Alsace, a temporary bar on the “Bridge of Sighs”, concerts by William Sheller and Rosemary Standley, tours in the footsteps of famous lovers, a lyrical cocktail party at the Opera House, and many surprises.The writing may not suit every body type that is not tall and model perfect. I was planning on getting more items from this french collection, but lost interest after receiving this one.On an average height person it may hit in an odd place. And I will never purchase any t-shirt online from madewell again unless I can make sure the material is good. I saw a photo of this shirt and had to have it1 It fits perfectly; comfortably loose but NOT baggy just not cling-y. I am already a big fan of Sezane and missed their last collaboration with Madewell, I could not miss this!The fabric is light and soft, perfect for hot summer days. This was a must have piece for me, stripes and so much better then your standard tee. I hope to pick up a few more pieces from the collection!

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