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“It’s no big deal.” But that’s about all we gleaned from her – this was not the young Jane Tennison, but a millennial who had raided her local vintage shop.

therwise, Prime Suspect 1973 evoked the period rather well, even if it did sometimes distract you from the meat of the actual murder case.

The challenge for Martini was to inhabit the character and give both a flash of the superb detection Tennison displayed in her 40s and 50s, and a flavour of Mirren’s landmark performance.

So far, the only suggestion of the former has been a certain textbook steeliness, and of the latter Mirren’s habit of pushing her hair away from her face and over her ears.

“He says he’s cool with the sustainability but he doesn’t like the underfloor heating.” No wonder Ellen looked as if she was about to punch her.

Meanwhile Dougray Scott as David Warnock, the smoothie boss in a pastel-shaded V-neck struggled to find convincing adjectives for Ellen’s designs for the new library.

Architects’ offices are not, it seems, a natural arena for drama.

“I’ve got a problem with the fuel sourcing,” said Paula (Mc Clure delivering the line with heroic conviction).

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I’m starting to realize how different—and freakish—being single feels in your 30s.It ought to be a defining role for any ambitious young actress, yet it was necessarily doomed for one simple reason: the middle-aged Tennison had been through life’s tumble dryer and Mirren always conveyed her sense of emotional fatigue very movingly.artini’s Tennison was a fresh-faced girl from Maida Vale (which seemed unconvincing to me – I always imagined her as a provincial baby boomer whose fierce ambition had driven her to London) who had yet to endure disappointment or heartbreak and was therefore not very interesting.Meanwhile, at home, Ellen’s psychiatrist husband (Richard Rankin) told her to “normalise and de-escalate” as if he was teaching conflict resolution in the Middle effective as The Replacement was, it also boasted the most atrocious dialogue I have heard in years.

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