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More importantly, the dimensions are very compact, especially when compared to most other universal remotes on the market.

The thickness of the control is staggered, with the front being littler thicker than a pen, and increasing in thickness towards the end both for a comfortable grip and to accommodate the batteries. There are two ‘steps’ under the control and they appear to be used primarily for grips.

I’ve been through two universal controls before, with varying degrees of success.

Both suffered the same problem of taking a complex set of individual controls and reducing it to one control with an equally complex set of buttons.

Almost all of these will have an individual remote control requiring not only a home (just where did you put that remote?

), but batteries and in many situations the ability to navigate a particular action (such as watching a DVD) across multiple controls.

The fact that there are two grips also highlights another problem: With one hand you cannot comfortably control both the volume and channel navigation along with the play/pause controls.

This makes the remotes very customisable, as well as allowing you to benefit from a constantly expanding library of control codes.

The net result is that to maintain one-handed control you either have to shift your grip up to the second step, or use two hands. The underside of the control deserves special mention, being made of a special plastic that feels soft to the touch and almost like velvet.

This is a very nice effect, although it is more prone to scratches than plain plastic.

A driver disk is supplied that contains all the necessary software, for both Windows and OS X (although this is several versions behind the Windows copy, and is not a Universal Binary).

When everything is ready you run the software which prompts you to create a Harmony account, and from there you work through a series of pages, adding devices and activities to your online account.

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