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She has practiced and taught law, but hasn't served that long on the bench, a strike that might work against her as Republicans look for a consistent track record of conservative rulings. He also is a Washington insider who has worked as a special assistant to the Attorney General in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.

He clerked for former Chief Justice William Rehnquist as well as Judge Laurence Silberman of the DC Circuit, a dear friend of Scalia.

Like the time he called him "Darth Trump." Willett worked for George W. Stras, 42, is also a state Supreme Court justice who sits on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

President-elect Donald Trump has given a firm commitment to Republicans that he will stick to a list of 21 potential conservative nominees released during the campaign, and pledged to make a pick within two weeks of taking the oath of office.

It is a list that dazzles conservatives and includes everyone from a tweeting justice who sits on the Texas Supreme Court to an appellate judge in Alabama who has called Roe v.

He was born in Michigan and served in government as well as private practice. In 2007, Thapar was the first South Asian American to be named to an Article III federal judgeship. Lee of Utah has never served as a judge, judicial conservatives feel confident that he would not surprise them on the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz, and Cruz endorsed Trump just after the GOP presidential nominee added Lee to his list of potential SCOTUS nominees.

Lee did not support Trump, but insiders point to his commitment to his conservative principles and the fact that he clerked for Justice Samuel Alito not once but twice.

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