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Nassar, a former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor, has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 140 women and girls, nearly all saying it happened during medical appointments.

He faces nearly two dozen sexual assault charges split between Ingham and Eaton counties.

“Open source sharing of expertise in a direct-to-consumer context is a bottom-up, disruptive revolution for our failing healthcare system from entirely outside the traditional institutional structures,” Dr. Fratkin, a palliative care physician in northern California, wrote in the comment section of a When symptoms are controlled and people are empowered to make their own choices, even when faced with horrible realities, they make the right choices for themselves and their families ... Very sick people love avoiding the need to schlep themselves to a clinical setting that's designed to meet the needs of the doctors and institutions.

I am seeing my patients in their homes, on their couches while they sip tea in their fuzzy slippers.

The trial is an extension of sorts of Google Helpouts, which gives people a chance to speak to experts over live video on a wide range of topics, including “teachers, counselors, doctors, home repair specialists, personal trainers, hobby enthusiasts, and more,” Google writes.

The company will be bringing in medical experts and doctors from groups like Scripps and One Medical.

Jason Houle, a web developer who works for Walt Disney World, spotted Google’s trial when he searched for knee pain, and posted a screenshot on Reddit: “Based on your search query, we think you are trying to understand a medical condition,” Google says in the advice box, based on Houle’s screenshot.

Schuette spokesperson Andrea Bitely also declined to comment, citing a gag order on attorneys and witnesses in the case put in place by Aquilina.As currently scheduled, opening statements in the Ingham County trial would be in January.Nassar's Eaton County trial would take place after proceedings in Ingham County are completed.If convicted on state charges, Nassar could spend up to life in prison.It goes without saying that if you have an ache or pain, you probably shouldn’t look it up on the Internet — you might begin worrying that pain in your neck is a tumor and not just stress.

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