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George has worked as a cop reporter, columnist and managing editor for a wide range of publications, including Hamburger Abendblatt, Die Welt, Der Hamburger, “politik und kultur” as well as TV Movie and Federwelt. It also means filling out exemption forms for double taxation treaties—in Korean, Finnish and Italian.

Georges writes also under three pen-names, for ex “Jean Bagnol”, a double-andronym for provence-based mystery novels. In 2013 she had her first bestselling book “Das Lavendelzimmer”, translated into 30 languages and sold more than 800.000 copies. My tax advisors feel the stress, both globally and locally.

"George’s engrossing novel is as much about indulging the senses with succulent dishes and dazzling sights as it is about romance and second chances. Or at least to avoid being the last person in line. Hundreds of travelers with suitcases the size of coffins squeeze their way through the bottleneck to the escalator. The air conditioning system is set to a wintry temperature. He was standing in front of the book-filled entrance to Penguin Random House and asked whether I was going to finish the fruit. Before he had time to feel ashamed, I shovel a pound of cherries into the open bowl of his cracked fingers. Another beggar stands in front of the train station. “Bien sur, Madame,” he says and pockets them without moving. It would be like people reproachfully asking you or me—over and over again—why “the Germans” keep voting for Af D (the ultra-right “Alternative für Deutschland”-party). If you don’t give art what it wants, it will torment you more than your husband does. Writing will drive you to drink Writers are twice as likely to develop a serious drinking problem than non-writers.

With a profound sense of place and sensuous prose, the novel functions as a satisfying virtual visit to the French Riviera. Trains to New Orleans are traditionally six hours late. Whoever gets to the bottom first can pick a seat in the mile-long iron dragon, which will slice through the horizon, glittering in the sunshine, at a speed of 150 miles an hour. Only a few people watch movies or listen to music with earplugs. Or maybe he’s just a normal person looking for a handout. Even though “the Germans” do not, in fact, “keep voting for Af D.” Back to Madison. Unless you are willing to give up your writing—or your husband or wife—you must learn to manage an open ménage a trois. Two or three drinks make it easier—apparently—to trust one’s ideas, to tap the well of creativity and above all to open the door to that otherworld from which our stories flow. Not only is writing bright, passionate, pure, rational and intellectual, it is also dirty, demonic, fear-inspiring.

The only suffering he cannot heal is his own, the broken heart that has plagued him for twenty-one years, ever since the lovely Manon from Provence departed while he slept. It’s pm, four-thirty in the morning, my time, when I fall into bed. I share them with a homeless couple just outside Central Park. “Every year with Trump sets the United States back 10 years,” the man says. Most importantly, one that brings forth that internal buzz, the state of relaxed tension in which free writing comes so easily.

All she left behind was a letter—which Perdu could never bring himself to read. I leave the window open and turn off the air-conditioning. They voted for the first time in twenty years—for Clinton. We are lost, need help.” Garbage trucks are parked continuously around Melania’s apartment building, he tells me. These books are motivational reading, far removed from the writer’s own voice, plot and inner life. I turn to authors such as Jon Kalman Stefansson, Anna Gavalda, Dominique Manotti and Erica Jong to induce the buzz when it’s absent.

Marianne smelled salt and fresh water, the air was as clear as glass, and a gleaming carpet of gold-and-blue silk lay over the river.’ Das Lavendelzimmer (The Little Paris Bookshop) Jean Perdu knows exactly which book a customer should read to ease the suffering of the soul. S.: No one knows why you have to sit in a plane air-conditioned to a chilly 60 degrees. Along row 11, people chatter, sob and pray throughout the turbulence over Newfoundland and the inflight movie. The endurance race through the switchback rows leading to passport control takes them at most only three minutes. Because the craftswoman is able to differentiate between criticism that is important, unimportant—and utterly nonsensical. Writing is about perception and leaving yourself behind Now and then, journalists ask me where my ideas come from or whether I have a very fertile imagination. My husband is extraordinarily good at interpreting silences. I wrote a novel that surprisingly outsold the publisher’s projections by a whopping 849 percent. I’ve been on all the bestseller lists for months, and yet it still feels strange to see my name there.

A luscious and uplifting tale of personal redemption in the tradition of Eat, Pray, Love.” – The KIRKUS REVIEW about The Little Breton Bistro Nina George is a prize-winning and bestselling author and journalist who has published 26 novels, mysteries and science thrillers as well as over a hundred short stories and more than 600 newspaper columns. Rebecca’s Amtrak tutorial yesterday on the ride to Madison, Connecticut—a town of facades that look like decorated cakes—should have been sufficient preparation. Instead, a cacophony of children’s games, TV series and movies blares from i Phones. Both relationships require time, attention—and love. Drinking while writing was long considered essential to creativity.

was first published in German as "Das Lavendelzimmer" on May 2, 2013. Business Class is half filled with legislators murmuring into their phones, commuting to Washington. Normal people wake up the morning after and groan, I’m not going to encourage you to either to indulge or to abstain.

How many times do we have to fall down before we can’t get up again? And writing is like that too: Accept that you must make a decision and are never able to tell the whole story. When a person admits that he or she is going to write something—this incredibly thrilling, joyful, heroic confession leaves the people around them with a queasy, disturbing feeling. Where no one thinks you should be less noisy, less amusing, less serious or less despairing. Italy is considered a difficult market, but when the Italian publisher, Sperling & Kupfer, buys a German title, the U. also pays attention—the Italians are known to have a keen eye for good material.

Der Sprachschatz der Männer (The Vocabulary of Men) Men and their words. Der Weg der Kriegerin (The Way of the Warrior Woman) New weapons for women. They look around, demanding sympathy for their thirty-minute delay. You book, your short story, is only the tip of the iceberg. Shouldn’t we leave it up to someone like Günter Grass? If you spend much time with people like this, you notice something else. Which brings us to what is probably the ultimate truth: No one will understand who you are and what you do better than other writers. When England acquires a book, the Americans get all territorial.

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