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She received critical acclaim for her performance in the film, with noting, "Nayanthara is the surprise package of the film.As Sita, she too has played the role of her lifetime.Her subsequent releases were Kuselan, Satyam, Villu and Aegan . In 2010, all her releases, which featured her as the female lead, turned out to be commercial successes: she had five box office hits in the four Southern languages – Adhurs (Telugu) Bodyguard (Malayalam), Simha (Telugu), Boss Engira Bhaskaran (Tamil) and Super (Kannada, Telugu).

Nayanthara's rising popularity as an actress led to her being cast in female-centric films, a genre considered a rarity in South Indian cinema.

Three Tamil films in which she enacted the lead female characters – Vallavan, Thalaimagan and E – were released simultaneously during Deepavali 2006.

In Vallavan, she portrayed a lecturer who falls in love with a student younger than her.

The latter three, in particular, were particularly good for Nayanthara, with Simha becoming one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of the year and Boss Engira Bhaskaran releasing to positive reviews, and becoming a financial success.

Her only release in 2011 was the mythological film Sri Rama Rajyam(2011) by Bapu, in which she played the role of Sita.

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