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Led by Richard Malebys, a noble indebted to the Jews, the mob besieged the castle.The Jews had little rations and many killed themselves.Riots were started and mobs threw stones at the Jews and burned the straw roofs of their houses.Many Jews were murdered, some allowed themselves to be baptized.In March 1190, a mix of Crusaders, barons indebted to the Jews, those envious of Jewish wealth and clergymen conspired to kill the Jews of York.They burned several houses and approximately 150 Jews fled to the royal castle in York.

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Jews still faced persecution and were not fully protected by the Crown.The Jewish experience in the United Kingdom [England, Wales and Northern Ireland] is one of the longest in the world.Anglo-Jewry faced increasing persecution from its entrance into England in 1066 until the expulsion of 1290.In 1144, the first blood libel charge of ritual murder was brought against the Jews of Norwich.During Passover, the Jews were accused of torturing a Christian child named William, using his blood for the Passover Seder, and eventually killing and burying him.

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