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Sometimes I felt like more activity occurred when we weren’t trying to attempt communication.I had my video camera set up and filmed us talking about random things.

Smartasses: What were you doing prior to Paranormal State?Later on she declared members of TAPS as well as other high profile investigators have indeed investigated her home and were pleased with the EVP results.Though, in his blog, Buell mentions that it was his visit which brought her into the study of the supernatural as an investigator herself. Everyone said their 'okays' and we ate our food. Every minute the rain would pour harder and harder. We arrived and we grabbed umbrella's and ran to the doorstep careful to not fall. Katrina looked so mad at me and I didn't care Lexi was a sweet girl and I liked her. She sat down and Sergey sat down one seat down from her. We went into the living room to leave Lexi to make dinner. She was setting the food on the table with a fork and a napkin.

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