Intimidating questions to ask people Free amateur uk phone chat

Those may include asking what the employee did with their family over the summer or if they did anything interesting over the summer.

Being slightly more specific opens the door and gives a framework within which the employee can respond comfortably, she says.

” can let the employee know that you understand their feelings and that you’ve been in similar situations. If an employee is hesitant to enter your office, you might joke about how it’s safe to cross the threshold, for example.

For example, if you’re a fast-paced extrovert and expect someone who works more slowly or is more introverted to keep up with you, you may make them uncomfortable.

If you’re very detail-oriented and you’re working with someone who needs “just the facts,” you might want to pare down your response to a few data points.

As you get to know your team better, you can adapt your style to maintain the best relationship and interaction.

If you sense that the person is nervous or hesitant, use empathy to defuse the tension.

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