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We'll return to Canterbury, where the rest of your day is free to explore some of its museums and find a cozy restaurant for dinner. After lunch we'll visit the ruins of Pevensey Castle, the site from where, in 1066, the Norman King William launched his invasion of England and defeated the English King Harold in the Battle of Hastings.

Then we'll stroll the South Downs Way for a view of England's famous white chalk cliffs at Beachy Head. This morning we'll drive to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for a day devoted to Britain's rich nautical history.

Mother Ginny notes that everything transpired quickly, and the family is seeking answers after the resort failed to provide surveillance, witnesses or details on what happened to the siblings while at the pool.

Austin was taken to the hospital alongside his sister after he was found face down in the pool.

Documented in the report were three cases in which drugged or otherwise incapacitated travelers accused local hospitals of engaging in extortion by overcharging them for services following an emergency visit.

Several of the tourists mentioned in the report claimed that they had only one or two alcoholic drinks before losing consciousness, waking up “with no recollection of how they got back to their rooms or to the hospital, or how they were injured”.

Austin says he remembers very little from the ordeal but notes that the pair were drinking.

However, he says that he feels their drinks must have been tainted or drugged because he has never blacked out as he did at the Iberostar despite having drunk more in the past.

This afternoon we'll venture out to nearby Stonehenge. Upon arrival in the village of Corfe, we'll conquer the imposing hilltop ruins of Corfe Castle, one of the earliest castles to be built from stone. Today we'll join a local guide and explore the natural wonders of Dartmoor National Park, home to wooded forests, desolate moors, and stone bridges.You'll marvel at the sights as well, from the iconic White Cliffs of Dover to the sweeping moorlands of Dartmoor, to ancient stone circles, exuberant English gardens, cliff-perched villages, and great sailing ships. After touring the cathedral (and learning about the dramatic martyrdom of Thomas Becket), we'll meet with conservators who are tasked with preserving one of England's largest collections of medieval stained glass.Join us for the Villages of South England in 13 Days! Then we'll take an evening walking tour along Canterbury's colorful lanes and get acquainted over dinner. After lunch we'll take a walking tour through the historic layers of this pilgrimage city, finishing with a punt trip along the River Stour. After breakfast we'll meet our bus and driver for a drive to the White Cliffs and the imposing fortress of Dover Castle.We'll learn about and ponder the origins of these iconic stones that are as old as the Pyramids before returning to Salisbury for a free evening. After lunch we'll travel west to discover the natural beauty of the Jurassic Coast and its geologic formations, which date back 185 million years. We'll learn about this compelling and varying landscape that inspired great literature, including . We'll drive into Cornwall today, known for its dramatic, wave-swept coast and charming fishing villages, including our first stop, Port Isaac.Our day ends in the cozy village of Chagford — within Dartmoor National Park — where we'll enjoy dinner together. This evening is free for you to enjoy one of Dartmoor's man-made wonders, the cozy country pub. A traditional village with narrow winding streets, it's also known as the home of the TV series . Today we'll spend the day exploring the Penwith Peninsula, home to fishing villages and rocky, windblown scenery.

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