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Part of that, he said, will begin with his own self-acceptance to undo the damage years of dating stereotypes have brought on him."I want people to take away from this work that this is real, that it doesn't 'happen to everyone,'" Johnson explained to . "It's probably happened to your black gay friend, the black girl at your office, your Latina friend, or the Asian girl you messaged on Ok Cupid. I believe is it counterproductive and a point of unnecessary stress for African American women to agonize over this issue.As African American women we need to channel these feelings and understand them.

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"On an individual level, a person can't really control who turns them on — and almost everyone has a 'type,' one way or another," Christian Rudder, an Ok Cupid founder behind 2009's analysis, in a video, "The data shows that people are systematically expressing preferences that echo the negative racial stereotypes that exist in society.I have seen stats that claim it's roughly 5%, but anecdotal evidence makes it appear much more significant than that.Kellina Craig-Henderson: US census data tells us that of the estimated 246,000 B/W marriages that took place in 1992, more than half were between Black men and White women.There are Black men out there for us if we are willing to think outside the box - I did not say compromise our values and principles - but we may find partners where we least expect.-And- possibly entertain the idea that our partner may be someone who is not Black.

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