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DEADLINE: KALING: The Hulu transition was at an interesting time because I was starting to break out into writing for films and being cast in more movies, and that became more interesting to me.

What was nice was that it coincided with this very open format that Hulu gave us both creatively, length of time and what the content could be on the show.

As creative people and as writers, we long for characters to change.

In life, it happens so infrequently, that people you love actually are capable of change.

KALING: So many of the people who come up to us and say they like the show tend to be younger women, and we didn’t want the show to alienate them because we could show much more.

The language could be more frank and the sexual situations could be more lurid, but we didn’t long to do that and the show still felt sophisticated and for an audience of our peers. The length of time of the episodes was actually the biggest thing that was great because that let us give a lot more screen time to show characters that were not Mindy Lahiri, which was a very satisfying thing as a showrunner to be able to.

With the show where a character is single and dates a lot, it can get exhausting coming up with different ways to tell that story.

I often thought of because they had six seasons but they only would do, I think, 12 episodes a year.

It just felt good to end it with a lot of the same visuals as the pilot. It wasn’t until between [Seasons] 5 and 6 that I even really thought about it.

Being able to create her and put her out into the world, particularly as an Indian-American character and she didn’t have to be someone’s sidekick or a boring lawyer, is something I’m very proud of.

The last thing is that the show was always packed with jokes.

She’s great doctor, good mom, but also could be very vicious and sarcastic and weak and cowardly.

It’s just such a great character to play, and I am sad that I’m not going to be able play her again.

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