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They moved to town and purchased a bar and was named Alex’s Place.

Myrtle ran the local café and Alex was the deputy sheriff and operated the bar.

Our new patient center and family medical practice offers education about the kinds of ailments we can treat, our treatment options, and more.

We also make the process easier by allowing you to fill the paperwork out here — in our new patient center — any time before your appointment.

While in Korea, Don received one of those “Dear John” letters. An Army friend from Indiana suggested that Don write to a friend of his girlfriend and who both thought Don would enjoy and appreciate.

Don and Helen wrote letters to each other for almost two years while Don served in the Army.

The books provided both entertainment and education. Good fishing would bring out the seine which helped relocate fish to other dams. There were bullfrogs brought back from Missouri that decided western South Dakota was a good place to live. All the Cromwell kids learned to drive tractors before they drove cars.

The family farm was sold in the early 80’s and Don and Helen moved into Draper, taking on a gas station and cafe along I-90. The locals became the coffee crew who met up in the mornings and afternoons.On Don’s Army discharge there were letters going back and forth and an understanding that Don was going back to the family farm.After Thanksgiving of 1954, Don showed up in Indiana on Helen’s front step. Don got a job in a refrigerator factory in Indiana and planned to settle there. Don’s family asked Don and Helen to come back home and help with the family farm.They may not all become professional actors or become Broadway stars, but they will have more confidence and self-esteem for whatever career paths they choose.Funeral services will be am on Wednesday, December 20th at the United Methodist Church in Kennebec, SD with Rev. On December 10, 1934, she married Alex Mathison in Reliance, SD and they eventually settled on a farm north of Kennebec.

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