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Peeling out of his shirt and tie, he stepped out of his pants, leaving them strewn on the sofa. Celebrating Linda's birthday with Beth, maybe Terri, me and YOU! He had been introduced to her through friends on Yahoo chat.

He went to the refrigerator in his boxers and t-shirt. They'd been friends on facebook and other online sites ever since, and even though they lived close by, they just never had the opportunity to connect.

The other young woman mentioned in the invitation, Beth, is twenty-two years old and a college student.

Woody met Beth a couple of times over the past few years.

She is a professional advertising executive, and was actually pretty conservative in her work life. Married for five years, she had been divorced for six. Although she called herself bisexual, her interests lately had been strictly female.

He launched his e-mail as he chewed on the cardboard-like stale slice. She wasn't thin, but with full hips, had the kind of shape men loved. Sandy's D-cup breasts were her most prominent feature, and she wasn't shy about showing her ample cleavage to the world, for which, in turn, the world was appreciative.

Since then, Linda had been over to Sandy's house a few times, and the kissing had progressed to skinny dipping together in her hot tub, and Linda posing in lingerie while Sandy took pictures.

They even progressed to taking some partial nudes of each other.

Linda was the youngest, having just turned eighteen a little while ago. She is a petite redhead who was introduced to Sandy through Sandy's niece, who was her teammate on the cheerleader squad. He knew from previous conversations with Sandy that Linda was a virgin, at least in terms of sex with boys, but had "played around" a bit with girls.

From the pictures he saw of her, some taken by Sandy, Woody assumed that Sandy had taken full advantage of her sensual curiosity.

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