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While big six- and eight-cylinder outboards might grab the lion’s share of headlines, midrange outboards represent the meat and potatoes of use by boaters.

Generally defined as outboards ranging from 75 to 115 hp, this class reigns as one of the most popular, particularly on lakes and rivers in Middle America where midrange engines power many of today’s pontoon and aluminum fishing boats.

But there's a simple reason why you see so many older Honda Marine products still hard at work: they're built better to last longer.

This is supported by the longest and most comprehensive guarantees you'll find anywhere.

Honda calls this its ­replacement for displacement.

As a result, the intake valves are open for a longer period of time at higher rpm to produce more power.

* subject to domestic use and following the service schedule.

** up to two years dependant on engine model, please refer to dealer for specific warranty period, subject to service schedules with terms and conditions It is your responsibility to ensure that the services are performed at the specified period and that the service receipt record is kept safe for future reference.

This system uses two cam-lobe profiles to operate the intake valves.

Low-lift, short-duration cam lobes provide strong torque at low rpm.

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