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But even when you want the same things, it still doesn't always work out, his most recent girlfriend had actually been using him to further her music career.

The two then continue to work on the song Madi was writing and pen "Heart" and later on "Superhero." 10.19 Caught Like A Fly Andy is surprised when Mason asks him for relationship advice but Mason explains that Madi and Evan were no help and Zack has zero experience, not to mention Andy has experience with dating in the life of a touring musician.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Andy is at the studio when Madi's sister Ali stops by with a box of stuff from Spike Lavery and is assigned with Madi to work on writing a new acoustic track.

Madi and Andy try to get to work but Madi explains she doesn't write well under pressure.

Andy Biersack becomes a character in Season 10 when The Young and Reckless start to record their album with Lava Records.

Andy is shown to be carefree and kind of reckless and is all about having fun and loves playing music.

After another year Sandra left the band and Christian "CC" Coma took over.

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He tells them that this single will be introducing their band to the music world and will be the first thing people think of when they hear the Young and Reckless.He never said anything about not wanting to pursue music professionally and backed her on everything, including their original deal with Phantom records, then they were dropped and then signed by Lava and then he just ends everything, including their relationship which makes no sense to her.The two eventually reach Port Charles and arrive at Spike's parent's house. He and Madi wait for about a half hour before he shows up, visibly shocked to not only see Madi, but him of all people.Of course a lot of people thought he was off, and weird.They avoided and mocked him, calling him names, such as "fag" and "emo". Suddenly, the "emo" fashion came into play, and he was no longer the loser to the kids that had once called him "fag," Andy started out his musical career at the age of 14.

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