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Wham’s breakout second album, (1984), catapulted young Michael and Andrew Ridgeley to worldwide notoriety.

From the start, their songs oozed with queer resonances, which haven’t been fully unpacked in most of the articles written in Michael’s wake.

Michael, the son of Cypriot immigrants, who has always had a difficult relationship with the press and has been guarded about his personal life, admits to presenter Kirsty Young that he is "ridiculously ready to say these things now".

He adds that hiding his sexuality made him feel "fraudulent", and his eventual outing, when he was arrested for soliciting sex in a public toilet in Los Angeles in 1998, was a subconsciously deliberate act. is that there's a level of honesty that's natural to me [and] that I'm uncomfortable with anything else," he says.

and finally he managed."(sic)Fadi went on to disclose that he and George hadn't sleep in the same bed on Christmas night - although did not elaborate as to why."I never saw him.

Michael’s songs poeticized queer desire and charted hits.

Although many ’80s stars embraced gender-bending and flamboyance, like Prince, David Bowie, Boy George, and even Michael Jackson, Michael pushed further, with lyrics that endure as thinly veiled expressions of queer love.

According to above quote he was lonely & latched on to a close male. Seems he went nuts during the 90s because of how his sexuality affected him.

He's also spoken about his insecurities about himself as a man & his father issues so this makes sense. His life then until now is evidence of that and sad.

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