Gemini dating a gemini

That’s your nature and it’s a big asset to him who can’t be bothered to do a lot of things.The Gemini man is very sophisticated so you should act polished in public, keep your hands to yourself, and take out your best manners. Feed him some sophisticated commentary on the world around you and people you encounter that evening, and don’t hold back.In return, Virgo lends Gemini a willing ear at every turn.He has someone to talk to, and she has someone to listen to. This relationship is a very good one that creates a space for two intellectuals to pursue their interests.When it’s time for the party to be over, Virgo will quietly put her foot down.

When two cerebral signs connect with such chemistry, sparks are bound to fly — much to the surprise of both.

He will be impressed by your astute observations and that you have the nerve to say some of the things you do.

If you’re a Gemini man trying to attract a Virgo woman, put your best intellectual foot forward. Have something intelligent to say, about world events or current affairs, and make it original if possible.

These are two people who process the world mentally with a certain detachment.

The Virgo woman tolerates the Gemini man’s gregariousness while the Gemini man’s constant activity gives the Virgo woman the space she needs.

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