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When asked if she wanted her son to marry soon, she commented that "I'll leave marriage plans up to him.

It's his own choice."Her preferred marriage partner for Nakai should have a "bright character, but does not talk too much".

It was supposed that they have gone on a double date to watch a soccer match. They were seen sitting in the VIP section in side by side, Matsujun's date, Matsujun, some random guy, Kame and then Kame's girl.

As most people who were there, are probably hardcore soccer fans, they are not really concern about who were sitting near them except for a few people closest to them.

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When questioning Rina's agency, they commented, "She was doing a location shoot for Vi Vi in Izu and Shimoda (in Shizuoka) at 7pm.Gackt is awwwwwwwwwesome incredibly hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GACKT Dating women, braless ガクトは女性に翻弄される?好みの女性のファッションは?. Kamenashi Kazuya was seen with Matsumoto Jun and two other pretty girls at a soccer match.U22 Actress Search Engine Hits Ranking Results are based on how many hits their names bring up in a search.1) Nagasawa Masami2) Sawajiri Erika3) Ueto Aya4) Aragaki Yui5) Miyazaki Aoi6) Horikita Maki7) Aibu Saki8) Aoi Yu9) Suzanne10) Ueno Juri U22 Actress mixi Community Participation Ranking This one counted how many communties they have on mixi and how many members.1) Miyazaki Aoi - 54,816 members 80 comms2) Aoi Yu - 44,008 members 44 comms3) Aragaki Yui - 37,330 members 142 comms4) Nagasawa Masami - 25,123 members 73 comms5) Kitagawa Keiko - 19,372 members 19 comms6) Toda Erika - 19,041 members 36 comms7) Aibu Saki - 17, 822 members 43 comms8) Sawajiri Erika - 14,141 members 90 comms9) Horikita Maki - 13,651 members 35 comms10) Suzanne - 13,636 members 33 comms Based on these results the following were named Top 3:1) Nagasawa Masami2) Miyazaki Aoi3) Aragaki Yui This is funny and interesting so I decided to share it.1) Kanda Uno2) Hisamoto Masami3) Hosoki Kazuko4) Koda Kumi5) Hirosue Ryoko6) Wada Akiko Matsushima Nanako Ando Miki7) Dewi Sukarno8) Hamasaki Ayumi9) Ueto Aya Kanda Uno is because of her divorce news. Matsushima Nanako is really hot and pretty but a little 'expired' and out of trend i guess.Hamasaki Ayumi, supposingly a queen but her ear problem cause uneasiness and concern. Oh, because she has been endorsing so many stuff until it makes the product look "cheap" and "common" so having little effect on sales products. Mocomichi Hayami and Hiro Mizushima are getting the spots due to their drama, Zetta Kareshi (It is a MUST-WATCH, i recommend). The special will include a mini-episode that takes place just before the storyline of the movie.

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