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These information will not be usually given in one article at one place .Hence the need to maintain topic wise notes and continuously add points to it .

However my lack of thorough knowledge of Savindra Singh and other standard books cost me in paper 1 where I scored just 120 and I think could have performed much better had I prepared the part A from standard books .

Apart from having scientific orientation , easy availability of coaching-materials and the perceived high success rate , some parts of the syllabus like economic , environmental and human geography greatly appealed to me .

Besides being helpful in essays and other GS papers I found topics like Human Development , Agri issues , resources distribution very interesting and hence did not mind going the extra mile in these topics specially of Part B of both papers.( Beginning credits go to my class X teacher Mrs. Xaviers Collegiate School, Kolkata ) who had piqued my interest in the subject and I got a gold medal in school J.

However this does not mean that coaching is compulsory for success in the exam .

Many people take guidance from standard texts and ace the examination without coaching .

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