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It works." "Hmmm, I don't like it; means the research on these things are incomplete." "The guests signed the waivers so we're absolved of liability. " "The explorer who found them was a fan of some obscure old comic strip. "So, in case you didn't get the news, Virginia has informed me it'll be a few more days before she can get a shuttle ready." "Figures," Kathy snorted. Everyone stared at Dick with expressions ranging from glowering to neutral. Finally, the couple rose from the table and left the hall, leaving a trail of giggles and whispers, sparing not a glance to the other guests. After a few minutes a pouting Kathy whispered something to Mark and left. Dick was left alone with Magda, who quietly ignored him while scanning her holo-pad.

" "Them; these creatures sweat one hell of an adhesive. The brain monkeys don't quite know the composition, but the acetone's for the guests anyway. S'long's we have glue remover and follow sterilization protocols nothing'll go wrong." "Right, so why the weird name? He grinned, "I'll keep that in mind," and left the lobby. His mouth watered when he saw the buffet, classic old-school, heaped with Terran and non-Terran meats, eggs, vegetables, and cereals. Dick piled on his plate, cleared his throat, and spoke while heading to his table. The company's paying for everything so I suggest we make the most of it." The dining hall was silent. When they finished their breakfast, Mike glanced towards the dining hall entrance and whispered something to Mandy. The buzzing went back and forth with the lovebirds' taking expressions of growing curiosity and mischief.

The whole process will take several days I'm afraid. It would give him time to explore; examine what would (presumably with Dad's help) be his soon.

Exotic plants, private grottoes and pools; perfect for private assignations. They were broken by thick hedges which contributed to a concealed structure. Statuary, much of it Greco-Roman and intensely erotic, were displayed everywhere. All the places to see in this resort and you just happen to come to this one? Magda snorted, " Well, 'come into' someplace else, I'm not interested." She turned her back and walked down the path. Dick didn't know Magda was a champion cross country runner in high school and still ran for exercise. "No more shuttle rations." The other guests sat at tables around the hall; Robby and Magda ate alone, respectively. Dick the cynic snorted, Starry-eyed love birding annoyed him immensely. Sometimes one or the other would glance at Robby, who ate his cereal in his quiet contemplative manner. And if he can screw them over the planetary claim, all the more sweet, Dick smiled. Dick kept to himself, busy enjoying the taste of bacon, sausage, and eggs for the first time in weeks. They'd spent the hour cooing and giggling, ignoring the others. A few disgruntled mutters came from the Summers' table, the majority from Kathy. The dots indicating the guests' locations were spreading in various directions.

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