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We loved watching the series and Ive read theres a 3rd season in the works. It was one I was looking forward to greatly at the time, but found a tad dull. My youngest brother and I played together for years.

If "Willin'" fans demand an EP, I'm okay with that. It's worth mentioning that Seatrain started out as the tail-end of the legendary Blues Project - i.e., bassist Andy Kulberg and drummer Roy Blumenfeld once Kooper and Katz had started BS&T and Kalb and Flanders had found other things to do.I dont know if Id seen a Forum show (maybe Chicago) up to that point and the big, loud sound was so dam powerful and new to me then. Subject: Jake Fussell/The Detectorists PV - Does your mate have good taste?Weve completely binged on The Detectorists, right through season 2 and then back through season one; which we had mostly forgotten, details wise.." A little later I asked her if she ever heard of Muddy Waters. I remember being 10 or 12, singing Simon and Garfunkel and Peter, Paul and Mary songs in harmony with my brother while sitting in the back of the boat as Dad motored us out to the fishing hole on the Rideau canal.These days I sing in the band, mostly harmony and sing tenor (not my natural bass) in a Catholic church choir, which is a bit odd because I am not Catholic.

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