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Audrey did manage to get her guy to fuck another man’s ass once or twice, while she toyed with his tender hole, nearly ramming her entire fist into hm as he burst his seed into a young man’s dirty entryway. Audrey was actually dying to have her man ass-fucked in her presence, but in a very specific scenario. Audrey had her own fantasy prize to reach for, and she had her guy so very close to making it come true, that she was not about to let up now.On their next shared lover night, she backed off of the couple suck, and strapped on a big girlcock. She had whispered to him earlier that she was dying to spit-grill him while his throat was filled with a thrusting, and fully loaded man-dick.He had a sense of where this might lead, but so far, everything they did with another man only made him want more.So, for Audrey and for the sake of their very freeing, love-lust coupling, he agreed, with no reservations.I want to see his cock’s thrusts on your gasping and pleasured face.I want to feel his thrusts in your dick’s shoves, as you push in and try to breach and ruin my womb.

Audrey herself must have cum three times, before the suck-ee burst into her boy’s gullet.

He’s being very flirty so I let him do his thing and I start talking to Matt.

We click and laugh and joke around and after while I step away to see where my friends are.

Audrey discovered some of her new beau’s secret porn stash, and as it turned out, he’d been hiding a little dirty secret from her.

It was one that she’d hope some wild lover would finally share with her in the naked flesh.

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