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Importance of possessing knowledge about it was valued as important by 80.9%.

It was believed by 61.2% that more research funding should be addressed to CAM research, 72.8% were interested in reading CAM-research results, and 27.8% would consider taking part in such research.

Other Health ONE hospitals will get the cameras as well.

“It is newer technology, and we are really excited to have it because it does give peace of mind.

A recent qualitative study among registered Swedish healthcare providers in surgical care indicates a need for policies on management, education and research in CAM in Sweden [].

It is important to test and verify these results in a larger national study.

There is a lack of knowledge about CAM and research about it among registered health care professions in Swedish surgical care.

However, in contrast to previous studies the results revealed that the majority perceived it as important to gain knowledge in this field. In a Swedish population (Stockholm county), the most commonly used therapies found were massage, natural remedies and chiropractic.

Consensus of these previous studies shows a gap in current knowledge about CAM and the wish for such knowledge.

-- Swedish Medical Center has a new way for parents to feel connected with their newborn babies who have to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for long periods of time.

The hospital is offering a webcam system designed for families to see their hospitalized infant through 24/7 streaming video.

Therapies recommended by 40% off the participants were massage and acupuncture.

Knowledge and research about CAM was valued as minor or none at all by 95.7% respectively 99.2%.

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