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That’s what motivated her to develop a mobile app that has helped feed more than 660,000 people by connecting companies with surplus food to those in need.Inspired by a lunch she had with a homeless man, Ahmad started by encouraging campus dining halls to donate excess food to local nonprofits.In that moment, Caribu was born: “We say it’s like Facetime meets Kindle, for kids,” says Tuchman, the ebullient CEO and founder of the company.In 2017, Tuchman was named one of Toyota’s Mothers of Invention, for her endearingly simple yet effective reading app.To date, Toyota’s Mothers of Invention have affected the lives of more than 160 million people globally, and are developing novel new technologies that will create positive change for millions more.The grants from Toyota have enabled these women to multiply their impact and expand the reach of their products and services, all while celebrating the power of invention and a diversity of thought.Read More In Latin America, 88 percent of schools don’t have access to lab equipment.

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"Without clean water there is no prosperity for a community," Evans says.Witnessing this problem firsthand, Sarah Evans founded Well Aware, a non-profit that provides sustainable clean water systems to developing communities in East Africa.Over seven years, Evans and her team have served 120,000 Kenyans by drilling 34 wells and repairing existing systems, using solar panels to sustain the wells.Her company, Sole Power, addresses the need for portable power by harnessing everyday movement.Its first product, a connected boot, generates electricity with every step, enabling the footwear to communicate with the cloud or track movements.

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