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The culprit: opioid peptides which appear to mimic the effect of opiates in the brain, and can result in withdrawal symptoms in some sensitive people. The name of the two peptides with links here for further review [noting that authorities don't yet completely agree on this phenomenon] are casomorphin [a milk peptide] and gliadorphin or gluteomorphine [two names for the opioid peptide arising from partially broken down gliadin portion of the gluten protein in wheat.While some may not agree, we have regularly seen “withdrawal symptoms” – commonly after discovering that Ig G testing reveals wheat protein or milk protein sensitivity associated with those chronic, grave, psychiatric problems.I should have known better — I blogged about milk being sweetened with artificial sweeteners back in 2013 when this was first being proposed.I cannot for the life of me figure out why a brand would believe “full of chemicals” equals “healthier.” This milk, while not organic, also touts the fact that it is BGH-free.After a reader's offline request for clarification a few weeks ago, it's time we take a few moments away from wheat and gluten sensitivity to explore brain function downstream [yes, intended] from our old friend, milk.But before we move on let me tell you candidly, I am not a big fan of an elimination diet strategy.(And give me sugar” — real sugar — in pop and milk.I’m not sure what do do with this now (do you return something you got free with an ecoupon?

[This original post: '07 – and in this revised post '12 we now use Great Plains labs for Ig G testing.] The parents had already taken him off wheat with an elimination diet as I suggested straightaway after hearing his history.

I headed to Meijer today to pick up the free Fairlife milk that’s on their Mperks ecoupons today — two free bottles, one white, one chocolate. I just saw Fairlife milk featured on one of the national morning shows earlier this week, and the spokesperson was touting its benefits as a premium milk — higher protein and lower sugar level.

I was in and out of the store quickly, and I didn’t really look at the label until I was putting the milk in my fridge at home. Fairlife chocolate milk is touting itself as a healthier milk, but it contains both Acesulfame K and Sucralose.

The store can’t restock it anyway.) I can’t drink it either — as I’ve blogged about before, I’m a “supertaster,” and I know from experience that both of these artificial sweeteners taste horrible to me, so I’m not even willing to try.

I won’t let my children drink it, so I’m probably going to take it to our local food pantry.

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