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The X display is forwarded automatically in both cases.There is no direct Internet access from the online cluster possible.During beam time, exclusive access to a dedicated online cluster (ONC) is available only to the experiment team members and instrument support staff.

The document is available online at https://eu/readthedocs/docs/data-analysis-user-documentation/en/latest/ Other URLs are listed in this document in the relevant sections.

In the context of European XFEL experiments, the Maxwell cluster is also referred to as the “offline” cluster.

Offline here refers to the experiments and is used to distinguish the “offline” cluster from the “online cluster”, not being offline from the Internet.

The upgraded account allows the user to access additional services such as the online safety training, the metadata catalog , and the computing infrastructure of the European XFEL.

By default upgraded user accounts are kept in this state for 1 year after the user’s last beamtime. On-site guest WLAN (Wi Fi) is provided for all users.

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