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Vedder watches in pensive silence, tapping his foot to the beat.The arty video is clearly not a bid for the countdown: It explores the song's themes of death and rebirth by showing life-like sculptures of the band members being subjected to exotic forms of abuse – they're set on fire, doused in water, infested by worms and bugs.

We're looking at a just-released Pearl Jam music video, the first one they've appeared in since "Jeremy," back in 1992.The band members are showing a newfound willingness to promote themselves – appearing on – in part because they want their political voice heard."It seems like a critical time to participate in our democracy," says Vedder. We certainly have as much clout as, well, Rush Limbaugh. " It's after midnight on Cleveland's sleepy waterfront, and Eddie Vedder – carrying a worn suitcase and wearing a thin corduroy jacket – is walking in his hunched posture toward the Ritz-Carlton hotel. "If he was trying to wind me up, it didn't work," he says in his whispery baritone. "A few years back, Vedder might have melted down at the provocation. And in the ten years or so since you last saw him scowling on , dude developed a sense of humor. " Then the guy grins at Vedder – who was one of the headliners of 2004's pro-Kerry Vote for Change Tour – gives him a sarcastic thumbs-up sign and prepares to watch the dour, volatile lead singer of Pearl Jam freak out. Then he just shrugs, mumbles, "OK, man," and heads inside. Riding in the hotel's elevator, Vedder laughs, showing dimples beneath his Jim Morrison-ish beard.

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