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This was done twenty-four hours in advance of the game's beginning, to give time for players to think up suitable content for their cards.

IMAGES for this fanfic(including what characters look like, their outfits, and the cards themselves) can be found here (remove all spaces from the URL to make it load properly): s905 .

Then, taking turns in a clockwise direction, a player was to draw a card and read it aloud.

Each question represented a 'round,' which would only end once all players had either answered the question, or refused to answer the question.

Characters are OOC (out-of-character), and I'm taking " fic, but decided to scrap. Can the will and courage of a pride of lions overcome the cleverly seductive nest of serpents for the last time, before everyone graduates?

It's House versus House, male versus female, pride versus desire, Eros versus Psyche!

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