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If you pull this trick too often, the Nosy One may catch on.[Read: 10 types of creepy guys that are best avoided!We don’t want to snub our co-workers and make them think we’re not interested in talking to them, but we also don’t want to spill everything about our significant others, our family lives, and our past histories to them, either.Luckily, there are some ways to fend off a co-worker, when they start prying for more information about you, without causing any offense to them.What do you think is the steamiest movie you could watch with a current or potential significant other?” That way, you’re staying within the same general area of the topic you were discussing, but due to bringing up movies, will not be forced into talking about sex in relation to yourself.

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How to deal with nosy co-workers effectively Often, we’re presented with a Catch-22.

#4 Bore them to tears Your nosy co-worker likely asks you a lot of questions and is preoccupied with all the details of your life because they think you are, or could potentially be, interesting to them.

To get them to stop poking around in your business, you need to prove them wrong!

I basically napped the whole time,” and if they ask if you’ve been on any great dates lately, say something dull and non-committal such as, “Nah, I really don’t get out that much.” Of course, this strategy isn’t going to work if they frequently see you out having a good time, but it will work if the nosy person isn’t already very familiar with you.

#5 Keep personal possessions under wraps Nosy people have a talent for noticing everything in another person’s environment, including small, inconspicuous things that wouldn’t show up on the average person’s radar.

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