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Tools needed will include loppers, trimmers, saws and chainsaws. For any of you who would like to go up on your own the following areas need attention: Probably best to leave the sad remnants where they are (two still-standing "columns" and rubble on the ground) as a case study in the loss of another little piece of our shared local heritage.

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It also reveals more of the foundations and other remains of the old camp buildings.

Photos show the Japanese gates were a different design and I found no evidence of plates.

The area has overgrowth and fallen trees, so if there is anything there, it would take clearing work to look further.

Once they begin to fail a little, masonry structures are famous for totally collapsing "with no warning." At least a fence was in place so that if this had occurred while people were around, no one would be killed!

Our recent heavy snow followed by repeated freeze-thaw cycles no doubt was the immediate killer. Andre Weltman, chairman, Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park The double fence erected in 1945 for the Japanese prisoner compound has been discovered southeast of the church camp swimming pool.

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